Why I Started Blogging Again

October 12, 2018
life writing

This is the third time I'm trying my hand blogging. Previous attempts failed because I felt no one wanted to read what I wanted to write, resulting in no consistentency in my writing.

So why try again? First is the realization that I'm writing for myself. I want to write about the new stuff I learned and the latest books I read because writing it down clarifies it immensily.

I remember when I was blogging about Haskell and I wanted to explain the concept of "currying". Before writing it down, I was confident that I understood currying, having read about it from multiple sources and practiced it on paper and code. However, the gaps in my knowledge became apparent as soon as I tried to explain it. Since then I strongly believe, you only understand something if you have the ability to teach it.

The second reason for starting again is that I find the ability to write an essential skill for my work and personal life. From emails, messages, to comments in code, being able to communicate clearly improves the quality of my work and relationships.

Three times is a charm and I'm looking forward to slowly add more content. Follow along, I promise to write interesting stuff in the years to come.