Note: Installing Clojure on a Mac

February 6, 2023
clojure mac

I had to set up a new laptop recently, and one of the first things you install on a new laptop is Clojure.

Below is the setup I used and which got me started quickly. First, you must install Homebrew as a package manager.

Second, we also need Java, and the best option out there is supplied by Adoptium, which has pre-built OpenJDK binaries for you. Go to the website and download the latest LTS release if you want to be safe, or download the newest version (19 as of writing this) if you’re going to live on the edge.

After that, install Clojure is one command away:

brew install clojure/tools/clojure

Type clj on the command line, and when running for the first time, it will download the required packages and give you access to the REPL.

Now, for starting and managing projects, neil is an amazing new CLI which can help you do that. Install it with:

brew install babashka/brew/neil