"Now. You're looking at now, sir. Everything that happens now is happening now." — Spaceballs (1987)

Let me tell you what I’m doing right now. Not down to the minute, that could cause emberassment, but like this month, or to be safe, this part of the year.


It's all about three central themes, the personal, staying fit, the professional, getting a grasp of fundamentals of computation and the social, being the best dad I can be.

It’s winter in the Netherlands, which is rainy and cold. This means my training usually moves inside and this year I decided to give cross-fit a go because I like it’s focus on general fitness instead of strength alone. Also, it has the benefit that you are doing it with a group and get more personal coaching.

I'm also continuing my quest to run long distances. Not for conditioning but for mental strength and relaxation. No phones, no headphones and the run must be in nature.

As if time is an infinite resource, 2019 is also going to be the year I'll be finishing my own programming language. This with the help of the Writing An Interpreter In Go. Follow along if you are interested, the project is on Github and it’s. available in both Rust and Go.


I’m a software engineer at Degreed where I work on the integrations team. Our team is responsible for integrating Degreed with external systems.

Currrent project is improving our ETL pipeline infrastructure to handle the increased performance requirements and also have better visibility into each step of the process. All is done in C# with a lot of interfaces and generics.

How I Do It

Been reading a lot of books on having a good work flow and settled at the current get-up. While reading or working, write down notes in my notebook to help me make sense of it and remember it.

Once in a while I review those notes and digitise them in Bear. The repetition helps memorizing them I wrote down and having them digitally makes it easier to find.