Note: Patching Berkeley Mono with Nerd Fonts

July 5, 2023

I’m using Berkeley Mono as my font, which is beautiful, but doesn’t have all the glyphs I need for my terminal and editor.

The glyphs I need are part of Nerd Fonts. This is the command I run to patch Berkeley Mono with the use of Docker:

docker run --rm \
	-v /tmp/berkeley-mono/origin:/in \
	-v /tmp/berkeley-mono/patched:/out \
	nerdfonts/patcher \
	--progressbars \
	--mono \
	--adjust-line-height \
	--fontawesome \
	--fontawesomeextension \
	--fontlogos \
	--octicons \
	--codicons \
	--powersymbols \
	--pomicons \
	--powerline \
	--powerlineextra \
	--material \

I found the above command in this blog post from Serhat Teker: Patching Fonts with Docker.

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