Note: Template for a new Common Lisp Project

May 9, 2022

To easily start a new Common Lisp project, I’m making use of the CL-Project from the famed Lisper Eitaro Fukamachi.

You can either install it through roswell with ros install cl-project or through the use of Quicklisp with (ql:quickload :cl-project).

The benefit of install it through Roswell is that you also get a binary.

To create a project through the REPL:

(cl-project:make-project #p"lisp/cl-sample/"
  :author "Eitaro Fukamachi"
  :email "[email protected]"
  :license "LLGPL"
  :depends-on '(:clack :cl-annot))

Or by using the binary:

make-project /home/user/common-lisp/sample \
    --name sample \
    --description "sample project." \
    --author "Your name" --license LLGPL \
    --depends-on alexandria split-sequence`
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